Acne Treatment Moisturizers

Moisturizers are used to hydrate the skin. People having acne problem often mistake themselves in the usage and selection of moisturizers. Often it happens that people with acne do not use moisturizers because they think it will increase the production of oil in their skin, this is another mistake done by people with acne. It should be made clear that every skin needs moisture whether oily or dry. People with oily skin should use hydrating oil free moisturizers.

People having acne tend to keep their skins dry by using oil controlling face washes and exfoliation. Nevertheless, it is wrong; skin should be moisturized at least once a day and every time after exfoliation. Over drying your skin will make your acne worse. Moreover, there are skin types that are very dry and at the same time have acne; this shows that drying is not the solution to acne. Acne can be cured by controlling the oil in skin, not the moisture.

Now that the importance of moisturizer is clear, the next step is the selection of best acne treating moisturizer. For

, you should always use moisturizers that are oil free and non-comedogenic. Such moisturizers do not have oils that can clog the skin pores.

Moisturizers that are oil free will not only help you in hydrating your skin but also in controlling the excess oil produced by the oil glands. Some natural moisturizers are also available. Like tea-tree, oil and rose water that have the capability of moisturizing the skin.

It would be much beneficial to moisturize your skin in morning and at night before going to bed. Never use moisturizer without washing your face first. Moisturizing is must after exfoliation; otherwise, you may get cracks and wrinkles on your skin.

Regular moisturizing is very important because it prevents skin from pre-aging.

Nighttime is the best time to use moisturizer. Because skin gets relaxed when we sleep and the absorption capability of the skin is increased. If skin is moisturized before sleep, it will receive sufficient moisture and in morning, skin will look healthy and fresh.

If you have to go for work every morning than get a moisturizing sunscreen and apply half hour before going out. Regular use of sunscreen is important for


For moisturizing and acne treatment, another way is to drink plenty of fresh and purified water. In this way, you would be able to maintain the health and freshness of your skin in a natural way. At least eight glasses of water in winters and twelve glasses of water in summers are very important.

Our body tissues contain water. When body does not get enough water, it snatches water from tissues. Because of this reason skin appears to be dull and dry, even lips become whitish and parched. Do not ever let your body get dehydrated. Dehydration quickens the process of aging. Even hair and nails becomes weak due to dehydration. Therefore, drink plenty of water and use moisturizer to get a clear and healthy skin.